Thursday, 17 May 2012

Event Report - Foyles Creative Voices 1 - 2nd May 2012

On the 2nd May Neil at Foyles held the first in what looks to be a fantastic series of events.  Each event showcases current YA authors.  They get to share their stories of how they got where they are and also about their books.

The first events authors were the awesome Amy Plum, Ruth Warburton, C J Daugherty and Sara Grant.  I have read books by all the authors and so was really excited to meet all of them and find out where their stories stemmed from.

Photo courtesy of Serendipty Reviews

Going to the event was also an awesome way to catch up with all my bookish pals too!!  We actually got to the event rather early, so got ourselves front row seats.  I have to say it wasn't that wise of Foyles to leave a group of book bloggers unattended in a room at Foyles.  Much laughter and random tweeting ensued, including Viv capturing some of us warming up the seats for the authors.  It was a thrill to be in the main seats just for a while.

The amazing authors took to the stage, with a very eager audience excited to hear their tales.

Amy kicked off the sharing telling us about where the idea for the Revenants series came from.  She told us about her wanting to copyright the word Revenants - it was decided that, that would be rather tricky as its a very well used word.  Amy read a passage from the new book 'Until I Die'

Next up was Sara Grant.  We learnt about where the idea for the story came from.  It was fascinating to hear about her decision to go with the dystopian route.  Sara read a somewhat steamy extract from 'Dark Parties'  Anyone that hadn't read it, surely wanted to after hearing her read!

Ruth was the third author to talk.  It was quite fun to hear from her perspective being the only British author in the group.  I definitely could relate to a lot of what Ruth had to say.  She read one of my favourite passages from her book 'A Witch In Winter'

Lastly C J got to share her tales of becoming the author she is today.  Her book is somewhat different as it is more of a thriller, whereas the others all have the supernatural / different reality twists.  She chose a really exciting part of her story to read that definitely left people wanting more.

The next part of the event was the audience getting to ask questions.  For some reason everyone was rather shy and somewhat reluctant to speak with an audience.  But some great questions did get asked.  I for one need to get over my fear of public speaking!!

At the end we all got to go and get our books signed, which was amazing.  Its so exciting to be able to ask the person that knows the characters we have come to love the most.  Sara for one cleared up something that had been playing on my mind - I won't reveal as this has to stay spoiler free.

And so our evening come to an end.  An absolutely fabulous night was had by all and left me so excited for any upcoming events. 
Many Thanks to all involved in the evening!!

You can read event reports by Serendipity Reviews , Sisterspooky , Amy Plum - Yes Amy mentioned ME!!  Eeek!


  1. Fab write up! Thanks for the mention. You are so organised, adding all the links!

  2. I really want to read A Witch In Winter!!

    I wish I was there :(

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