About Me.....

My Names Leanne & I'm from near London.  I'm 28 but honestly feel (& look) years younger.  I'm very geeky & I love it!  
I'm love reading, music, TV, movies, Internet, comics & CONVENTIONS (yep THAT much of a geek!!)

My love of books really started when I read the Harry Potter series.  I'd never read anything that had captivated my imagination that much & it made me eager to read more.  At the time though, I couldn't find anything I did love as much, so reading did go by the wayside for me (apart from glossy magazines - can't believe I was ever into them!)  Then a few years ago, a friend told me of these amazing books that were being turned into a movie the first book being called 'Twilight'.  Believe it or not I didn't know anything about them at all, so I checked them out online, wasn't sure if it was my kind of thing but I got the first book anyway.  How glad am I that I did that??  I read the first book in days and I'd already ordered the next 2 books.  I was totally addicted!  Once again though this made me driven to find more reading material & luckily this time I succeeded!  I've had at least one book on the go ever since.  I can't even imagine a life now without fiction in it.

My preference in reading is Young Adult & with a Paranormal theme, although I am willing to try other styles.  I do quite like a historic setting too.  I'm a Big fan of Jane Austen & the Bronte sisters.  In my opinion they are the original YA writers.  I really don't think we would have the likes of Twilight now without them.  They are the first in dark romances!!

I'm not that fond of adult fiction.  For me I find it ultimately boring or depressing.  I like the fact that with YA you can totally lose yourself in it & that also there is now not really any shame in an older reader, reading that style.  Thank Heavens for that!

One of my favorite past times is fangirling with my friends.  There really is nothing better than a group of people with the same interests, chatting, getting together, blogging, etc about the thing that you all love!  We do as much of this as humanly possible!!

Hope you enjoy browsing through my blog xoxo