Sunday, 23 September 2012

Letterbox Love (11)

 Letterbox Love Is Hosted By The Fabulous Lynsey over at Narratively Speaking.  Its a fun way for us to showcase our weeks new books here in the UK
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Another week back in the land of blogging and I am really enjoying it again - YAY!!  Obviously I did just need some time away to sort my head out.  I got a few books through my letterbox this week, so here goes....


From Scholastic
I first heard of this a while ago, and it sounds fantastic

From Harper Voyager
I must admit I am already reading this one, I have heard so much hype about it.  So far really enjoying it too

This one I don't know much about, so interested in reading more about it

Thanks to all that kindly sent / gave me books this week - you all Rock!!


  1. I'm really curious about Crewel so I'm looking forward to seeing what you think!

  2. I really enjoyed Crewel, I hope you like it! ANd I really hope I get a copy of The Dark Heroine, I've been hearing interesting things about it!

  3. ooo hearing good things abour Crewel! I hope you enjoy!