Monday 23 April 2012

Review - Unrest By Michelle Harrison

'Seventeen-year-old Elliott hasn’t slept properly for months. Not since the accident that nearly killed him. Sometimes he half-wakes, paralysed, while shadowy figures move around him. Other times he is the one moving around, while his body lies asleep on the bed. His doctors say sleep paralysis and out of body experiences are harmless - but to Elliott they’re terrifying.

Convinced that his brush with death has attracted the spirit world, Elliott secures a job at a reputedly haunted museum, determined to discover the truth. There, he meets the enigmatic Ophelia. But, as she and Elliott grow closer, Elliott draws new attention from the dead. One night, during an out of body experience, Elliott returns to bed to find his body gone. Something is occupying it, something dead that wants to live again . . . and it wants Ophelia, too . . . '

I first heard that Michelle was going to be releasing a YA set book when I was lucky enough to meet her last year at a bookshop signing.  I'd heard everyone raving about her '13' series - which I own but am still to read (I'm so slow!) but I was still extremely excited and thought what a great way to introduce me to her work - reading in a style I'm more familiar with.  I'm thrilled to say I LOVED it!!!

The cover is absolutely genius!  Its very subtle, but so effective.  It just shows that loads doesn't have to be happening for it to still make an impact.  Bravo to the art team!!!

The book starts with a very creepy chapter that pretty much sums up what you are about to read - this is some unsettling stuff and had me instantly gripped.

As you read you are given snippets of Elliott's life, some of which is very normal then others very paranormal - for me this made the story relate able but then fantastical giving just the right balance to get you into it, and considering the possibilities of what has happened to the character.

I LOVED the place that Elliot ends up working at.  I so wish there really was this museum - I would be there A LOT!!  Past Lives gets a huge thumbs up from me.
Plus the home location of Elliott is actually fairly close to where I live - I had a major geek out over that - I could have passed Elliott in his fictional world!!!

I had times of not necessarily knowing where the story was going, but this just made reading the story even more enjoyable.  It just made me want to read it even more, meaning less time for real life stuff, whoops!!!

I must admit I did guess the twist at the end, but only JUST before it happened, so I spent plenty of time in suspense.  It was super clever and not obvious for me at all - I do love a surprise!!

For me this has to be one of the best UK set YA books I have read in a very long time.  I adore Michelle's writing style and am praying that she has more YA fiction to come in the future!!!

Rating 4 Out Of 5

 Published In The UK By Simon And Schuster

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  1. Amazing review! I have read and quite liked the first book in the 13 series, so I think I would love this! It seems really creepy!

  2. I just LOVE the cover. This is the first review I read about this book and it sounds amazing :D Really something I would enjoy, so thanks!

  3. I LOVE the sound of this one. Definitely a book I need to get my hands on immediately!

  4. Just finished this, awesome book.