Tuesday 10 April 2012

Dead Rules Blog Tour

Today I am THRILLED to kick of the Dead Rules tour with a fantastic post by the author himself R. S. Russell And an extract from the book!!!

PLUS Come Back later for a Giveaway of The book

She loved Michael that much, he thought.
Mars knew that love wasn’t all red paper valentines and candy hearts. Love wasn't always joy.  Love could be hot-blooded pain down to the bone.
Sometimes love was despair. And sometimes love was wrong.
Jana loved Michael enough to kill him for it. Jana loved Michael to death.


 Where did the idea for Dead Rules come from?

I created Dead Rule from a fascination with trying to understand love. I believe love is endless.  Sadly, our bodies are not. I wondered one day how young people might handle being dead and still being in love. Death is easy. Love’s the hard part.  

With this in mind I sat down and wrote Jana Webster’s story of being a victim of her own love in the afterlife. Because she needed people to talk to, I created an entire school of dead kids and, like all of life and death, there are some fun parts, too. Going out on dates when you’re dead isn’t always dreary (at least I hope it isn’t)…


  1. Ooh this sounds interesting! I love that cover too! Great post!!!

  2. Great post. I really can't wait to read this book :)