Tuesday 28 February 2012

Top Ten Books I'd Give A Theme Song To (and please tell us the song and why you'd pick it for the book!)

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog feature hosted by the awesome people at The Broke and the Bookish  

This is such a fantastic idea for a post.  I often listen to music while I'm reading, but must admit that I rarely relate songs to books.  There are two songs that completely go to a book for me, so not quite a top ten I'm afraid......

Both Songs are by the same artist and both completely relate to the same book

Almost Lover By A Fine Frenzy - New Moon
This song is made for the love story of Bella and Edward.  It could also easily relate to Jacob and Bella
Youtube link

Near To You By A Fine Frenzy - New Moon
This is totally Bella's relationship with Jacob
Youtube link

Both songs take me back to reading that book and my heart aching!!

I would be fascinated to know what music YOU relate to books!!


  1. After Midnight by Blink-182 reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, probably because I was listening to it while reading the book, but I like to think it has relevance to the story too :) I really like your song choices for New Moon :)

  2. TOTALLY For Almost lover for Bella and Edward <3 <3 I so love this song <3 :) Thanks for sharing Leanne! :) ;)

  3. Good list, I tried to do this but I couldn't think of any!

  4. Almost Lover is an interesting choice! I like it.