Monday 13 February 2012

Fictional Husbands

PhotobucketI have been good friends with fellow bloggers Laura (SisterSpooky Bookfangirl) Andrew (The Pewter Wolf) And Krystal (Bookshelf Banter) for quite some time now.  We share a love of books and particularly the wonderful men that are in them.  We often discuss our book loves on twitter and basically lay claim to our 'fictional husbands' by calling dibs on them as quickly as we can.  These games could go on for quiet some time and we even had to work out a time share scheme for a few of the guys as there was no way any of us could drop the lovely guys!!

My first fictional husband, although I didn't realise he was at the time was I'm afraid to say Edward Cullen (I know judge me now!!!)  I hadn't read a whole lot of YA fiction before reading those books and they somehow seemed to bring out my inner teenage girl who found the idea of someone loving to watch me sleep a wonderful thing.  I now see that, that is incredibly creepy and plain wrong.
After Edward though I was addicted and couldn't wait to start a new book to see which wonderful specimen of man would lie between the sheets.

Dimitri and Adrian from the Vampire Academy books were my next crushes.  Followed by some lusting after Jace from City Of Books.  Jem & Will from Clockwork series are my historical loves.  Valek from The Study books get a very honourable mention!!!  Patch from Hush Hush has been the object of my affections, Lots of love for Sam And Cole from Wolves of Mercy falls series But I can announce I have a new love!!  Yes this guy has been my fictional husband for nearly a year now & I've pretty much stayed faithful to him the entire time (there was just a brief thing with Alex from Hunting Lila, that could not be avoided - sorry) and his name  is FOUR from Divergent.  He technically has a 'proper' name but I won't mention that as its not quite as wonderfully unique as Four and I wouldn't like to ruin the reveal for anyone that hasn't read the book yet.  For me Four was the epitome of the perfect guy.  He has a hint of danger, yet is totally loyal and trust worthy.  He is beautiful and kind and just the kind of guy you need around, well all of the time.
From now I will happily reply to being called 'Mrs Four' And declare Four my Official Fictional Husband!!!


  1. Hmmm, I think you've got a lot of competition on your hands there Leanne, as Four has been my Fictional Husband for a while now too!!! haha maybe he's read Wither and doesn't mind the polygamy...:D

    Will's always had my heart, ever since I started The Infernal Devices. Gale also stole my heart in The Hunger Games, and I'm more than willing to take him off Katniss' hands....

  2. For the best part of a decade Odd Thomas (from the Odd Thomas books by Dean Koontz)and Shuya Nanahara (from Battle Royale by Koushun Takami), have been my fictional husbands - weird I know :)

  3. Oh yeah, Four is the best!!!

  4. I totally forgot about Valek! I love him. How could I?? I'm sorry, Valek. Obviously, you deserve a better wife than me. LOL. I like how you said you've been faithful to Four, after mentioning 10 other husbands. That's my kind of fictional thinking ;)

  5. Don't worry about Edward we've all been there. Like when your 14 and you think that your then boyfriend is the love of your life but now when you sneak a peek at his facebook profile you can't help but be glad you were wrong!
    I do Love Will, Cassandra Clare pretty much stamped on my heart with CP, but I don't think that I'm quite ready to commit to a fictional husband. There is far too much YA totty to explore so for the time being I'll stick with my ficional flings!

  6. Haha hands off four! He's mine!! ;) live this post, I would have had to have a brief fling with alex too! ;)

  7. I am so pleased you guys liked this!! Seems there is going to be A LOT of us in the Four time share plan - that man is in demand!!

  8. Have you ever seen Babylon 5? It's funny, but I didn't think of it until just now. On the show, the Minbari aliens have a custom where an engaged couple has the woman watch the man sleep over three nights, to judge if she really wants to marry him. There's something very romantic about it. I guess the big difference is that it's consensual!
    The really creepy thing about Edward is not so much "watching you sleep" it's the fact that he broke into her house to do it!