Thursday 16 February 2012

Title AND Cover Reveal: The Demon Trappers Series By Jana Oliver

I'm still relatively new to The Demon Trappers series, having currently just read the first in the series.  From that book alone I am a fan trust me.  These are just the wittiest punchiest books out there and so worth checking out.  I'm starting the second book Forbidden very soon, followed soon after by Forgiven.

Jana made a brilliant announcement yesterday that the next book will be called


Then shortly after the lovely Elizabeth May, who does the photography on the book revealed the cover.....

Eeeeeee!  How awesome does that look???  Another fabulous edition to the series and we only have to wait till August for its release!!!

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  1. I really love this cover (maybe even more so than the first book's cover!). I was a bit disappointed with the cover of Forgiven so it's good to see that the disappointment cover-wise is over. I love this series and can't wait to read Forgiven and Foretold :D