Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Leigh Bardugo London Event

A couple of months ago during my reading and blogging slump I was offered the opportunity to go and meet Leigh Bardugo at her only London event.  At that time I hadn't even read her book (The Gathering Dark - Soon to be Shadow And Bone)  I was hearing amazing things about it though and so said a yes please to the event.  Obviously I wanted to read the book before meeting Leigh and I was more gutted that I hadn't read it sooner (my Review)  It totally cured my reading slump, as well as making me fall in love with the world of the Grisha.

I was told that I could bring a plus one along, this was fantastic.  Not only could I get my Mum to read and love the book, but I'd also have someone to tag along to the event with me.  Of course my Mum adored the book!

Tuesday 25th September came along as so arrived the day I'd get to meet Leigh, the creator of this new world I've fallen in love with.  I warned everyone on twitter, that some fangirling was possible!!

The event was held at Waterstones Piccadilly Circus.  We arrived to an already pretty full event.  So many bloggers that I know and love were there, so double win - I got to meet Leigh and see them!!

The Arrival of Leigh
It all started with the lovely Nina from Indigo / Orion books introducing Leigh, not that she needed any introducing at all.

Leigh's Chocked Reaction to the Video
We were shown an incredible video that was made by fellow UK blogger Darkreaders.  The video actually made Leigh CRY!!  Seriously she was so thrilled by it, you could see the emotion pouring away.  All the lovely ladies involved got gorgeous leather Grisha wristbands.

Next Leigh did a brilliant read from the book.  Possibly one of the best scenes from the beginning of the book, we were all hooked once again.

Leigh Reading from the book

After this we did a Q&A session, where we found out all sorts of things about the book, the writing process, what Leigh's hopes are for the future.  It really did feel like a catch up with a lot of friends though.  Leigh is so friendly and engaging you just feel you have known her forever.

We all had a geek out session over the news that Dreamworks have bought the rights to the book and a movie will be made.  For me it is so exciting to know I'll get to see characters I have connected with come to life, so to see Leigh and her reaction to that same news but about a world she has created was just wonderful.

Now was our opportunity to get our books signed and have 1 to 1 chats with Leigh.  I played it cool for a while and eventually went up and made a complete fool of myself by totally fangirling out.  Seriously I could barely find the words to say I loved the book and the world and Thank you.  I think Leigh could see my serious lack of words because she stood up and gave me the biggest hug.  I then got to have a photo with her - look at how happy I look!!!

Leigh & Me

Leigh and Nina then held a round of trivia questions with the winners getting some seriously cool Grisha style gifts.  With a little help I got a question right and was the very lucky winner of a gorgeous handmade bookmark.  This night just got better and better for me!!

The event concluded with lots of chatting and general mingling.  All in all one hell of an event that I will never forget.  Thank you so much to Nina, everyone at Orion &Waterstones and most of all HUGE Thanks to Leigh - you made this fangirl real happy!!

My souvenirs of the day


  1. It was a fabulous night. Lovely to see you again. I came away quite inspired.