Friday, 30 March 2012

Welcome to my new Reviewer!!

Today I am pleased to be posting the first of hopefully many reviews from a new poster.  Some of you already know her, but for everyone else I would like to introduce you to SUE (aka my MUM!!!)

Me, Toni Trucks (from Breaking Dawn) and Sue

She is also a big fan of reading and can frequently be found delving into my rather large book pile, which happens to contain all YA.  Its a win win situation for us, as we already get on like a house on fire (literally we were once in a house on fire) but this just gives us even more to bond over.

I hope you will all join me in giving her a VERY Warm welcome......!


  1. OMG taht is amazing you have your Mum as a reviewer.
    Hi Sue *waves*

  2. Welcome Sue! *waves madly*

    I can't wait to read your reviews :)

  3. Thanks guys :D She's so excited to get to know the blogging community :D

  4. I panicked for a minute and thought you had dumped your mum after she told me last week she was reviewing with you. I think it is fabulous and it was so lovely meet you Sue last week.

  5. Hello Sue! *waves* Welcome to this crazy world of reviewing... ;)