Monday 17 October 2011

Jack The Ripper walk with Maureen Johnson and the name of the star Giveaway

One of London's Old Streets
A few weeks ago I saw an amazing competition to get to go on a Jack The Ripper walk with the fantastic Maureen Johnson, who just happens to have written a book with a Ripper'ish twist.  I never imagined I could be one of the winners, so kind of put it out of my mind.  Then last week I got the email - OMG I did the biggest geekgirl dance you have ever seen!!  I think you could say I was excited!!!

I was told I could bring a guest, so brought my Mum along again.  She was just as excited and also did a bit of a geeky dance!!

St Butolphs Church
Thursday arrived and we made our way to Tower Hill station.  Directly outside the station we were greeted by Sarah from Harper Collins.  She immediately gave us our copies of the book & a beautiful postcard.  We were early again, so waited for the other winners, the guide & of course Maureen to arrive.  It took no time at all and was a great opportunity to get to chat with some of the other winners.

The cobbles of Mitre Square

We were led to a slightly quieter area and got introduced to our guide.  He gave us a bit of a run down on the route we'd be taking and told us some of the history of "Jack"  I'm not going to really attempt to retell the story as I am sure to get my facts wrong and that would be no good at all.

Me next to the scary bench
We were led all round London, making stops in various locations either where or very close to where the murders occurred.  At each stop the guide told us the next part of the rather gruesome story, not sparing at all on the details.  We walked past a stunning church "St Butolphs" where the prostitutes of the time frequented.  Very close by we arrived at Mitre Square where one of the murders occurred.  I sat next to the bench there, not realising this was the approximate location of the murder eeeeek!!

We were led on to more locations, walking through very quaint London streets, where there is no traffic and even still have gas style street lamps.  It made it very easy to get into the feel of what things may have been like.  Eerie would be a correct sum up.  We arrived at another quite location, next to a huge building which were told is the actual location of the School in the book.  As soon as I saw the building I thought of the story - shows Maureen's great story telling.  It was here we were told about the last and most horrific murder.

Inspiration for the school in the book

The Ten Bells Pub

Next we were taken along to 'The Ten Bells' Pub.  This was famously the last known place that one of the victims visited.  It is such a gorgeous & kind of scary looking building.  This still has all the features that would have been there back in the 1800's.  Next time I really must go in there for a drink!!

Maureen & Me
We were led round to Hanbury Street, where there isn't a great deal to be seen but it is where the second murder victim was found.  We had a group debate as to which side of the road was the right one, I still left uncertain, but we believe it to be the now site of a large building.

To finish off the tour we were taken back to a small alley near The Ten Bells pub.  Here we parted ways with our fantastic guide and got to get our books signed by Maureen.  She even posed for a picture with me - so cool!!!

The lovely people at Harper Collins, gave me another copy of the book to give away!!  I even got it signed for one of you lucky lot, all you have to do is fill out the form below!!


  1. SQUEENESS! I am SO jealous of you!

  2. That's so cool that you got to do that with her, and that you know where the events in the book take place. Love the pics!

  3. Maureen I like your Jack the ripper walk idea and research. But I have seen this on the other blog walk with strive something like that.

  4. I never thought that jack the ripper tour could be that much interesting as she has stated in this post. Wow!