Monday 10 October 2011

Daughter Of Smoke And Bone Book Launch

On Monday 3rd October 2011 I was very luckily invited to the launch party for Laini Taylors new book 'Daughter Of Smoke and Bone'
I lucky enough to be given an ARC copy of the book back in July and read it pretty much immediately.  It was set in such a fantastic world, that I am so eager to read more about (beforehand I need to brush up on fantasy names though!!)

Anyway back to the launch.  I took my lovely Mum as my plus one.  We'd never been to an event like it before so knew we were in for a treat.
We arrived at the venue a little early, which I felt terribly guilty about but I am one of these that would rather be early than late!!  The venue was in a side street, where you wouldn't particularly expect to find a bar.  We got there and met one of the lovely bar staff at the door, she told us to go downstairs into the bar (Yep the bar is in a cellar!!!!)

 As we were early we sat in a corner out of the way at first, this was actually amazing as I got to absorb my surroundings.  The bar is in a Victorian style and so the lighting was mostly candles, with just a few lights here and there.  There were barrels for tables, stools were covered with vintage style sugar bags.  There were even dead flowers, which may sound weird but fit in with the setting 110%  I even found a little side room that had a BATH in it!!  Check out this photo!!

Then some of my blogger friends arrived, it was my first time getting to meet some of them so was both daunting and exciting.  They were absolutely lovely though and made me feel so much more comfortable!!  A huge stream of people then started to arrive and we were shown round to the larger seating area.  There were so many copies of Daughter Of Smoke and Bone lining the tables - wow such a gorgeous book!!

Andrew AKA Pewterwolf & me
The bar staff were making all sorts of cocktails, that I was sadly a bit too chicken to try - I'm so gutted now!!  One of the cocktails even changed colour :O
They made us all kinds of strange and wonderful foods, like smoking meringues that made people look like they were breathing fire.  We had chocolate air, that literally melted as it hit your tongue and so you were just left with a wonderful chocolate taste.  There were also vegetable bone marrows and garlic styled tomatoes - those were very interesting!!!

In between the cocktails and food we were introduced to the lady we'd all come to meet Laini Taylor.  She looked so happy and bubbly chatting away to everyone.  But her hair is just the most amazing thing I have ever seen - its BRIGHT PINK!!!  So awesomely cool.
There was a huge queue of people waiting to meet her and get their books signed, so I waited back a while and got to meet some of the amazing people at Hodder, can I repeat they are AMAZING!!  All were so nice and welcoming, they really made me feel part of their group.
Eventually it was my turn to meet Laini - she was amazing!!  I told her how much I loved the book, but that I really need to brush up on fantasy names as they did confuse me somewhat.  Laini was lovely enough to pose for a quick picture with me........

Me And Laini, with my Mum making a cameo behind me!

This was such a unique and wonderful evening that I will never forget.  I felt a VERY lucky girl!!

You can find my review of the Book HERE

I would love to take the opportunity to Thank Laini and Hodder & Stoughton for such a wonderful evening.


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Beautiful pics :)

  2. That is awesome! I loved Smoke and Bone. I would have loved to see what the author is like she's so imaginative holy geez!! Lucky you!

    Xpresso Reads