Sunday, 20 March 2011

In My Mailbox (11)

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YAY!  I had another week of getting awesome books - I am such a lucky bunny!  Plus I have been reading 'The Body Finder' By Kimberley Derting, which I have LOVED!  Review to come in the next few days!!


 My Name Is Memory By Ann Brashares
I've been intrigued by this book for a while now & saw this and the next book at bargain prices so couldn't resist

Siren By Tricia Rayburn
I actually don't know a great deal about this, but again at the price I couldn't resist.  Plus the girl on the cover has reflective eyes - AMAZING!


Divergent By Veronica Roth
The amazing, wonderful, fabulous Jenny at Wondrous Reads, surprised me with a copy of this in the mail.  I can honestly say I gasped & did a geek girl dance - I have even started to read this one already - Review shall follow!

These Three Beauties were gifted to me by the gorgeous Laura at SisterSpooky: Book Fangirl  - I really do have the BEST friends!!

Ink Exchange By Melissa Marr
I have Wicked Lovely in my room & keep meaning to read it, but now I have the follow up I think it'll give me more of a push!  Plus they have a tattoo theme <3

This is the first of the graphic novels of the series.  Another one I just hadn't gotten round to getting.  So excited to now have it!

Midnighters: Secret Hour By Scott Westerfeld
I don't know a whole lot about this series, but Laura was telling me about it a while ago & I must admit to being intrigued.  Looking forward to giving it a go!


Last week Chicken House tweeted that they were up to 99 likes on their Facebook Page, the 100th would win a bundle of books.  I honestly hadn't even realised they had a facebook group, so I hopped on over & was the very lucky 100 - I've been named their 'Miss 100'  That makes me SO happy :D

Stolen By Lucy Christopher
This sounds kind of different, to what I'd normally pick up off the shelf but so interesting all the same

Reckless By Cornelia Funke
So I actually got a paperback edition of this, that isn't even out to July- Major excitement!  It sounds like such a good book!  I really enjoyed Inkheart, so hopefully this will be just as good!!

Numbers By Rachel Ward
This one is definitely going to be one of my next reads.  Its sounds so amazing & also knowing that its going to become a movie!!  I do like to try and read the books before seeing the movie - I can't wait!

Wood Angel By Erin Bow
I've been saying for the last few weeks that I've really wanted this, so was uber excited to see this included in my bundle.  It has the most gorgeous cover & sounds right up my street!

The Maze Runner By James Dashner
I've seen this book around for a while & must admit I wasn't eager to pick it up, as it looked a bit boyish.  Having now read the Hunger Games, which I had similar misconceptions about, I'm really learning to keep an open mind.  I'm actually very excited about giving this one a go!

Its been a great week!  Thanks so much to Jenny, Laura & the amazing people at Chicken House - YOU ROCKED MY WEEK!!!

Hope you all got great goodies - till next weekend



  1. Great books! I love your blog, I'm a new follower. Follow me back please? Thanks!

  2. Great books this week. I've been hearing great things about Divergent - can't wait to get my hands on it.
    Happy reading.

  3. major jealous of the chicken house goodies! lol. the maze runner and stolen have been on my wish list for a while!

    ENJOY! xo

  4. Thanks for looking at my post guys!! Really made me smile after coming back from the hospital!!! x

  5. Divergent!! I am SOOOO looking forward to reading that book! Enjoy!!!

  6. Hey - just wanted to stop and say hi! I found your blog through the IMM meme - I'm a new follower :)

  7. What A LOT of great books there!! :) I absolutely My Name Is Memory AND Siren AND DIvergent (OMG!)

    I thought Scott Pilgrim was super cute, but I haven't quite gotten around to reading the rest in the series (my library stocks 4 and 5, I think, but not 2 and 3 :( )

    Aren't Chicken House wonderful? I'm reading Reckless at the moment and Wood Angel is one of my favourite reads of the year so far!

    Hope you enjoy all of your great books :) Happy reading!