Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cover Reveal: The Mortal Instruments Comic

Today on the Fabulous Cassandra Clare's facebook & twitter pages, the cover for the eagerly awaited 'The Mortal Instruments' comic, cover was revealed - YAY!!!!

Here is what Cassandra has to say about it - 

"Cover of TMI comic #1 and update on comics/graphic novels: "Issue 1 is lettered (waiting on tweaks from letterer now and then you'll see it) issue 1 is almost done being colored and issue 2 is underway. Issue 4 is being adapted and by next week the artist will be halfway through the art on issue 3." Still aiming for winter publication."

I am so excited for this release!  I had to go on a hunt to get the free copy that came out on free comic book day last year!!!  


  1. i dont know... im excited for the comic but im not feeling the cover :\

  2. so excited, cover kinda reminds me of some of the Brian Froud art work from Dark Crystal concept art. so ... nice but unexpected!

  3. Yeah I guess I was hoping for something a bit different, it just doesn't have quite the spark I thought it would. The important thing is the art inside I guess!