Wednesday 12 January 2011

Review - Blue Bloods By Melissa De La Cruz

I've seen these books around and online for ages & have been meaning to read them for as long, but never got round to it. That is until my local supermarket started to stock them - I bought them then & there.

Firstly the UK covers. I absolutely adore these. The original covers were great and very eye catching, but these UK ones are just fabulous. I love that you can see exactly what the story is about, with the bite marks & the pearls but that is all you need. These seem so much more polished too. Awesome job!!!

The setting of New York was amazing. I've never actually been to New York (I'll get there one day I tell you!!) but I could picture most of it. That was a great idea & it has driven my desire to visit even more!

Personally I could have lived without all the fashion talk. I like fashion, but I'm not actually bothered about names & makes, so for me mentioning it was not of any use. That said I do think it is a good idea to mix the two. Typically I don't think you would find fashion fans to be vampire fans & vice versa, but if this helped to spread the word a little for either camp then that has got to be good. Its always good to learn about new stuff & what better way than through a good bit of fiction.

There are a few music references which I loved, although having the heroine saying her favorite singer was 50 Cent, did make my stomach churn a little. I don't mean any offense to 50 Cent fans, he is just not my cup of tea!!!

I found it great to read the story from different peoples perspectives. It was nice to know what everyone was thinking & getting a full story as opposed to a one sided view. This was really refreshing.

I found this a great story. It was a nice quick read. A little slow at times & sometimes left me wondering where it was going, but the last 100 pages really had me wanting to read more and more. I'm very intrigued as to what the next part has instore & shall be reading it as soon as possible

Rating 3 Out 5

Published in the UK By ATOM

This can be Purchased HERE


  1. Like you, I wasn't too fond of Sky revealing her fav artist is 50 cent... but I did love this book! Mrs. De la Cruz has created a wonderful, addicting story! Especially Jack (what can I say... i'm a hopeless romantic!) :) haha!

    Can't wait to see what you think of the remaining books.


  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing how its all going to go. I have so many books to read though, so I'm going to alternate them - fairest way I think :D x