Thursday 6 January 2011

Book covers Galore

Wow, so not only is today the official UK release of Lament By Maggie Stiefvater, Scholastic were amazing & decided to finally release the cover of Forever, the expected finale of Maggie's awesome The Wolves Of Mercy Falls series. I literally could not be more excited for that book. Maggie rocks my socks in every way :D

I read Lament last year & loved it! Its a highly recommended read, not to mention a stunning cover!!

And how beautiful is Forever?? I love the designs used for these books. Its so simple, but hugely effective. They always make me wonder what the back story is, & how the red parts of the covers are going to effect the story. This time being the rose - whats going to happen???

Also ScholasticUK have some amazing Lament giveaways going on, on there twitter page, so go have a look!!!!/scholasticuk

Also on a slightly different thread the cover for Passion by Lauren Kate has been revealed. OMG how stunning is this??? I absolutely adore these covers. I'm not always such a fan of seeing people on covers, but these are done is such a gorgeous, effective waay how could you not fall in love with - plus those dresses....WOW!!!! Another read I am dying to get round too!!! You can find the image here

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