Monday 5 March 2012

Review - The Demon's Watch By Conrad Mason

"Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb lives in Fayt, a bustling trading port where elves, trolls, fairies and humans live side by side. Fed up of working at the Legless Mermaid tavern, Grubb dreams of escape - until a whirlwind encounter with a smuggler plunges him into Fayt's criminal underworld. There he meets the Demon's Watch and learns of their mission to save the port from a mysterious and deadly threat. Can Grubb and his new allies uncover the dark plot in time, or will they end up as fish food in Harry's Shark Pit?"

I have to admit reading this was a completely new, unique experience for me.  I know it may be hard to believe, but some how I have never really had the opportunity to get lost in a world like this.

The cover is just incredible.  I absolutely adore it, it tells you so much about the characters and the theme of the book.  I did find myself reading about the characters and checking the cover to see if they were how I pictured them.  I just can't speak highly enough of it.
Another great little touch is the placing of a map in the first page.  Once again this is so handy in placing where the characters are and how the land lies.

The book starts with the adorable character of Grubb.  He is half-goblin and really living a hard life of not being appreciated and being made to feel insignificant.  Despite all this he somehow carries this glimmer of hope in himself, that things may get better.  I loved this fact, its so encouraging to all that even though he is in a disadvantaged position he is trying and not giving up.

The story moves on to other characters and shows how they will fit in to the tale.  This gives a insight in to all aspects of the land and how they live.  All told with extremely thorough descriptions that paints a very vivid picture in your mind.

In between some chapters you even get little interludes, which were fantastic.  They were all like little short stories of the land.  These additions were possibly my favourite parts.  Some were comical, some were quite dark but it showed different views that were lovely to read of.

At times I did have trouble connecting with the story and the characters, but that is purely down to this being a whole new medium for me to read about.  By the end I was so involved and very intrigued to know where the story will go next.

This can only be described as a rip roaring adventure - you get sad moments, followed by laughs, mixed in with fighting and gore.  This book really does offer something for everyone and should be enjoyed by all!!!

If you are a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean or the works of Terry Pratchett, I think this book is made for YOU!!!

Rating 3 1/2 Out Of 5

Published In The UK By David Fickling Books

This Can Be Purchased HERE and from good book retailers

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  1. I loved this one, couldn't put it down at all and agree that its a rip-roaring adventure! I want to make all kids read this book! :D