Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Other Life By Susanne Winnacker Book Launch Event

Susanne with one of the cupcakes
One of the first ARCs I received out of the blue was The Other Life By Susanne Winnacker from the lovely guys at Usborne.  I hadn't heard anything about it prior to then, but from reading the little bit on the back I knew I was going to love it.  I got round to reviewing it in January and you can find my review for it HERE.
Early January I got a lovely but unexpected email asking if I would like to attend the book launch and meet the awesome author herself.  Of course I said a big YES PLEASE!!!
Next we got the news of where the event was being held - It was only at a swanky hotel in LONDON!!!  That made me even more thrilled to be attending!!

The pretty cupcakes
Like with the other events I have attending, my awesome Mum travelled up to London with me - what would I do without her?  Once I got there I met up with fellow bloggers Casey & Hayley from Dark Readers.  It was so nice to have familiar faces to walk through the door with, especially in such a fancy location.
We had to go in and speak to the main desk who showed us round to the library room, what an apt location for a book event.
Once inside I was taken a back by the gorgeousness of the room.  There were copies of the books on the shelves.  There was a table of cup cakes that had the signature butterflies on the top, beautiful food was being laid out on the tables and drinks lined the tables at the back of the room.  We even had our own waiter serving us drinks!!!!

Each of us were given the most awesome name tags EVER!!  Seriously it is just about the coolest item I have been given in a looooong time!!!
We were each introduced to Susanne, who is just about the cutest lady ever!!  She is so super friendly and we discussed our twitter chat of the Twilight casts hair - its not very good is it??!

Quickly more bloggers arrived which meant time for eating - Food time is Fun time!!!  I remember every little thing I ate, which I won't bore you with but I can say it was all rather delicious!!!
All of us sat around coffee tables and just generally chatted about books - there was a lot of book geeking going on.

After the food the Usborne team and Susanne did a little speech, which was lovely.  It was so nice to see and hear the bond that is built between author and publisher during their work together.  Getting to see just a glimpse of that is so special.

Our Goodie Bag
My Name Tag Of Awesome
 All of us attending was given a fabulous Usborne goodie bag that contained finished copies of the book, that we got to get signed.  I was actually kind of tricksey and brought along my ARC copy of the book to also get signed.

Me And Susanne

The event was now nearing to a close, but we had time to have a big group picture - Its majorly cute I have to say!!!
One last little treat we were each given one of the lovely cupcakes - this received a major Oooooh from all of us.  But me being the plonker I am had an accident before I even left the room.  Whilst putting on my coat somehow my cupcake went crashing on the floor and splattered face down - Major Face palm moment for me there.  There were a few cupcakes left and they kindly gave me a replacement - I am so sorry for my clumsiness though!!!

Once again Thanks to Susanne for her major kindness and to the lovely guys at Usborne for inviting me to such a wonderful event!!
Group picture curtesy of Usborne

Please Come back to my blog on Monday to find out how to win my signed ARC!!

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  1. It sounds like it was a fabulous event - now I'm really gutted I couldn't make it!

    Great write up :D