Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Top Ten Books I'd Recommend To Someone Who Doesn't Read YA

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly blog feature hosted by the awesome people at The Broke and the Bookish 

Mmmm, this one is tricky.  There are certain YA books that I adore, but it doesn't mean I would recommend them to everyone, as reading is so personal.  Guess I'll go with the titles that I felt were written the very best!!

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy By Suzanne Collins
These tick so many boxes, they are gripping, they have action, they have romance, they have it all!! 

2. The Study series By Maria V Snyder
I'm not a big reader of fantasy, but these had me utterly hooked.  A great inbetween read to ease you into fantasy realms

3. Delirium By Lauren Oliver
I actually gave this to someone that had never read YA.  They loved it!!  Its such an amazing story!!

4. Divergent By Veronica Roth
I love this book with all my heart!  I tell everyone to read it

5. Wither By Lauren DeStefano
Such a fabulous book.  I really connected with something in this & hope others would too

6. Across The Universe By Beth Revis
This puts a great sci fi spin on YA & could appeal to lots of readers that want to branch out

7. A Certain Slant Of Light By Laura Whitcomb
Such a beautiful ghost story.  Got me thinking about the value of life

8. Matched By Ally Condie
This was the first dystopian I'd really read & got me addicted to the style

9. Clockwork Angel By Cassandra Clare
This is like steampunk, but more clockwork punk.  And set in an old London - just brilliant

10. The Body Finder By Kimberly Derting
This one was rather chilling.  A great introduction to YA!!


  1. Oh great list! Hunger Games for sure! I just bought Across the Universe this week I'm so excited to finally read that!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. GREAT list! I love all these books! I really need to read The Body Finder!! And you really got me with The Study series! I'll read it! Thanks for sharing!! :) ;)

  3. Everyone's writing about YA (go figure). I find it funny that people are listing Clockwork Angel instead of City of Bones. I need to read 3-5. Loved Across the Universe. And of course, Hunger Games at the top of the list. Great list (although I'll agree to disagree with you on 8 and 10).

    My Top Ten

    1. Its great that we all have different likes and dislikes I think. Makes these posts so much more interesting!!!