Friday 13 January 2012

Review - Dark Parties By Sara Grant

"Sixteen-year-old Neva has been trapped since birth. She was born and raised under the Protectosphere, in an isolated nation ruled by fear, lies, and xenophobia. A shield "protects" them from the outside world, but also locks the citizens inside. But there's nothing left on the outside, ever since the world collapsed from violent warfare. Or so the government says...

Neva and her best friend Sanna believe the government is lying and stage a "dark party" to recruit members for their underground rebellion. But as Neva begins to uncover the truth, she realizes she must question everything she's ever known, including the people she loves the most"

Firstly fantastic UK cover.  Not only is it eye catching, but the pages also have a somewhat velveteen feel to them.  You can see lots of little flecks on the cover, which I presumed to be snow flakes.  That little edition makes a lot of sense as you read the book.  Look out for it!!!

I heard about this last year and had a somewhat instant attraction to the look and feel of it.   Keeping with the popular dystopian theme, which I adore and so it couldn't arrive quick enough!!

Initially it took my head a little getting used to reading this as its written in first person - a style that I personally don't read that often.  I was surprised at how quickly I got used to this.  I think I found the story so engrossing that its easy to just get swept away.

The idea of the protectosphere freaked me out rather a lot.  Its something I'd never really thought of but once you start reading this story you can't help but to kind of extend on it again.  Imagining being confined to a small area forever brought on a case of claustrophobia I have never felt before.  And then you go on to read the side effects of living in this confined space for many years and you quickly see how this would be such a bad thing.  I also couldn't help but imagine the place under the sphere to be England, this is something that has not been confirmed to me so I don't mean to put ideas in your head, just for me it felt all the more familiar.

The story then becomes even more creepy by people just disappearing and being forgotten.  This factor kind of broke me.  Having lost people in my life, its their memory that keeps them going.  In Dark Parties they want every part of them to disappear and that thought proved what a hard place this world would be to live in.

I think you could say I got thoroughly engrossed in this story, even placing myself in Neva's shoes - thinking what would I do??  I know I would be no where near as gutsy as her character.  My heart was literally pounding at one point in story.

There are so many twists and turns with the characters, my head was spinning at one point.  I honestly had no idea who I should trust & just when I thought I had made up my mind something would happen to change it all over again.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  I was on the edge of my seat for most of the story and am so eager to see where the story will go next.  Do I really have to wait nearly a year??

Rating 4 Out Of 5

Published In The UK By Indigo

This Can Be Purchased HERE and at all good bookstores

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  1. I always see Dark Panties when I glance at this cover. Bahaha. It sounds really good though. This is the first review i see on it too so so far so good! :)

    Xpresso Reads

    1. It really is so worth a read!! Sara has built a great little world in this!!

  2. Awesome review Leanne!!! You know how much I loved this one!

    1. Haha, yes I know your love for it!! Cannot wait to see where it goes next :D

  3. This book does sound pretty cool. I'm not always a fan of distopian, but the protectosphere idea touches on something that I read about in another book a long time ago, which I was interested in hearing more about. I might have a look for it sometime - hopefully my library will get it if I ask nicely!


  4. Great review Leanne, I felt uncomfortable just reading your description!. The book sounds amazing! Who doesn't love a good dystopian I'm looking forward to adding this one to my growing dystopian collection.
    Caroline (Madwife_Caz)

  5. Sara Grant is a new writer to follow. Dark Parties is well written and thought provoking. I loved the symbolism (the title, for example) and character development(many types of heroes are in this story). This is not a book to just entertain, but to read and keep mulling over for days. I am really hoping for a sequel or two!

    Have you seen your freedom from addiction