Monday, 15 November 2010

And the Geeky Purchase....

Rewind back to August 2009. I got the opportunity to go to a Harry Potter convention. It was too good an opportunity to pass up – two of my big loves rolled into one – Woohoo!

So at conventions, they normally do themed parties in the evenings. The first night was a quidditch match. I found myself a yellow & black shirt & a Hufflepuff Badge, I was set.

The next night was a Yule ball. My friends and I got talking & thought it would be a great idea to do some cos-play. I racked my brains trying to think who I could be. I couldn’t do Ginny with my black hair, I couldn’t do Cho, I could maybe pass a Hermione, but my friend was doing that one.

I looked in the mirror & saw my big curls and my black hair and it hit me – I could be BELLATRIX LESTRANGE!!!

I managed to find a long black skirt in my Mum’s wardrobe; I bought a corset style top on eBay & made some sleeves out of some black velvet material. The thing I was missing was my wand! I looked around & I had such trouble finding it, when I eventually did it was nearly £40 – I just couldn’t afford it. In the end I had to make my own, using wire & clay. Surprisingly it turned out not too bad. Here are a few pictures of the night – it was so much fun. Even Molotov Jukebox - Natalia Tena (Tonks) band played for us. It was incredible.

The Wand I Made

Me - Bellatrix Style (you would not believe how nervous I was!!)

Lastly Me & Natalia Tena (TONKS!!)

Well to this day I have had a longing to own that wand & finally I made my own wish come true!! And best of all I got it for under £30!!

I’m proud to say this is probably the geekiest thing I have ever bought & got me thinking what has been your geekiest purchase??


  1. geekiest've seen my room right?! it's like a geek fest in there!

  2. But its a not so magic wand!! Wait till you see it!!!!

  3. Great Read Leanne - better memories :D - I think that my geekiest purchase is also my Harry Potter (Snape) Wand too I think because they can not be used as anything in our 'normal boring lives' there fore they are totally magic filled geeky fun!

  4. Exactly Martha - its their uselessness, that makes it so geeky yet wonderful.
    I'm so happy I embraced my inner geek :D