Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Review - Crescendo By Becca Fitzpatrick

I have been so eager to read this since I read Hush Hush last year. I fell totally in love with Patch & wanted to know what was going to happen next.
My problem was that I had the opportunity to meet Becca on 31st October, but had to buy a copy of the book there to meet her & sadly couldn't afford to buy more than one copy, so I had the hard decision to make - buy the book on release, but not get to meet Becca OR wait & get to meet her. It was tough, but I had to go with the latter. Becca is such a wonderful person & I'm so pleased I did go for that option!
The second problem with getting the book later, was that a lot of my friends had read the book before me - EEEEK Spoilers - one thing all us book people hate - luckily I managed to avoid all the major ones, phew! All I did know was that there was a huge twist at the end :S

I did find the book to be in a slight similar style to Meyer's New Moon - which I was very unprepared for. For me this is a great thing - I love Meyer's books!
I also found the lead characters a little frustrating at times, again something I didn't expect. I was nearly screaming at them at times, but remembered I was reading quite late & my Mum wouldn't be best pleased if I did that!!!
It doesn't take long to realise everything is happening for a reason & just makes you eager to know what is going on.
As I mentioned earlier there is quite a twist at the end - this is incredible - I had NO IDEA!!!

The book was amazing - it had me totally gripped & I hated having to put the book down of a night (I'm a night reader) For me that is a sure sign of a fantastic read.
Roll on next October when we get the next part!!!
Rating - 4 Out Of 5

Published By Simon & Schuster Childrens Books


  1. I just recently finished Hush, Hush a couple weeks ago and I'm dying to know what happens with Patch and Nora! I've heard awesome things about the sequel and your review doesn't disappoint! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts :)


  2. You have such a treat instore! Hope you get to read it soon & ENJOY!!

    Thanks so much for reading my blog :D